Who We Are

In a small Kentucky town there was an auto shop where old men sat and played cards all day. In this "dry" county, beer was hard to come by, but come into this auto shop with a thirst, and ask for a dozen apples, and you left with a 12 pack of suds. This was a lesson in how to provide people with what they want, while creating a lifelong buzz. 

So. KY (So - Kie) is a creative strategy consulting agency specializing in marketing, events, effective leadership, and brand identity for non-profit organizations. We are storytellers that know how to connect brands and organizations with people. 

Our mission is to connect the creative community with non-profits that they are passionate about to complete creative projects that help those non-profits reach their missions.

Through pro-bono consulting, funded by corporate CSR, non-profits can apply to have creative, design, lean manangement, culture coaching, and marketing projects completed by the industries most creative & talented minds. 

You can’t be afraid to fail, and fail hard, in order to create what works for your brand. Innovation takes risks

Strategy & Storytelling


Whether it is a new strategy, a major initiative, branding identity, or an organizational change you’re leading, we help you build a clear vision, anticipate challenges, and deepen the organization’s understanding of, and commitment to, the mission.

We believe in building strong roots, and developing a clear mission in order to develop strategies that lead to impact. 

Tell your story. Use the details that you may not think matter, because your authentic story is the most powerful tool you have

Culture Coaching

If you’re taking over a new leadership team or bringing an existing one to the next level of performance, we help your team confront the facts, create a shared view of the current state, rally around a future vision, and understand the A-to-B plan.

Innovation doesn’t happen at regularly scheduled meetings. You have to create an environment in which all people are creating ideas

Branding & Design

Branding is your first bridge to your target audience. Effective branding not only takes a creative mind, but extensive knowledge into trends & the tools for which to create the collateral needed to grow your brand. So. KY's network of design professionals can help you create stunning branding & help you accomplish your mission. 

To create brand loyalists, sometimes it takes a little facetime. Anyone can host an event; you have to create on brand experiences and allow people to take part



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